International Drug Knowledge

International Drug Knowledge provides up-to-date information on registered drugs from many countries across the world. When integrated into healthcare systems, clinicians benefit from access to accurate and reliable drug information through clinical decision support.

The clinical decision support within International Drug Knowledge checks the medication about to be prescribed or dispensed against information held in the patient's Electronic Health Record and generates a real-time alert message, if the patient information indicates that there are potential clinical problems.

Our clinical decision support provides clinicians with information regarding the potential hazards, when integrated with patient information. These solutions can be used by clinicians before the medication is prescribed, dispensed or administered, thus helping to reduce the occurrence of medication errors and improve patient safety.

When properly incorporated into a clinical system and linked with the patient's Electronic Health Record, the sophisticated clinical decision support within International Drug Knowledge is able to carry out the following checks:

>   Drug Allergies
>   Drug Contraindications
>   Drug Drug Interactions
>   Drug Food Warnings
>   Drug Indications
>   Drug Lab Interference
>   Dose Range Check
>   Duplicate Therapy
>   Geriatric Precautions
>   Intravenous Module
>   Min-Max Dose
>   Side Effects