International Drug Knowledge

International Drug Knowledge provides up-to-date information on registered drugs from many countries across the world. When integrated into healthcare systems, clinicians benefit from access to accurate and reliable drug information through clinical decision support.

Our clinical decision support helps clinicians to select an appropriate medication and run a series of checks when linked to a complete patient record. It reviews the patient's concurrent medications and triggers on-screen alerts if the newly selected medication could be harmful to the patient.

When integrated into a clinical system and linked with an Electronic Health Record, FDB's clinical decision support is able to carry out the following checks: drug-drug interactions, drug-allergies, drug-indications, duplicate therapy and contraindications to name but a few.

Connecting with all the rest.
FDB also offers medication decision support solutions in the USA with FDB MedKnowledge, UK with Multilex and in the Middle East with Middle East Drug Knowledge.