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Pharmacists Comparing Labels

Reducing Errors from Look-Alike, Sound-Alike Medication Names: The Role of Indications

Corporate Perspective, Information Systems
Thursday, October 4, 2018
by Christine Cheng, PharmD

Medication names that look or sound similar are problematic because they can be easily confused with each other. Examples of look-alike, sound-alike (LASA) medication names include hydralazine-hydroxyzine, Keflex-Keppra, metronidazole-metformin, Zyprexa-Zyrtec and Actonel-Actos. At least one out of every 1,000 prescriptions in the United States is associated with a wrong-medication error, and name confusion is thought to be a key cause. Read More

Footsteps Following

Footstep Following: A Sure-Fire Route to Medical Device Compendia Success

Corporate Perspective, Transformational Change
Thursday, August 9, 2018
by Julie Suko, PharmD

The problem: medical device information within information systems currently is unstructured, incomplete, and in many cases simply unavailable. Fortunately, we are on the precipice of eliminating these unfortunate if onlysRead More

Seniors and Pill Bottles

Getting Medications Out of the Bottle: The Importance of Patient Engagement

Corporate Perspective, Transformational Change, Information Systems
Monday, June 25, 2018
by Charles Lee, MD

Patient engagement is defined by the Center for Advancing Health as “actions individuals must take to obtain the greatest benefit from the health care services available to them.” Certainly, such engagement is essential when it comes to one of the most important patient actions of all: taking medications. After all, as a Yoruba proverb says: “Medicine left in the bottle can’t help.” Read More

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