Policies, Compliance and Accreditations

Policies & Compliance

First Databank (FDB™), is committed to protecting the information collected from our website and adhering to privacy regulations as they relate to patient information.

Privacy Policy

At FDB, we understand how important your privacy is to you. Our Privacy Policy provides information on how we use the data collected on our website. All information that is voluntarily submitted to First Databank online is stored in our database, and procedures are in place to protect that information.

For more information, please view our privacy policy.

Publishing Policy

FDB researches, evaluates and analyzes relevant sources of drug-related information. We combine the editorial judgment and clinical expertise of our professional staff to publish drug knowledge bases that assist in clinical and business decision making.


First Databank Europe has two recognisable accrediations giving our customers and end-user the added reassurance of the high quality data they get from us. We have consistently satisfied the requirements for ISO 9001 for the last 15 years and recently we have been awarded the highly acclaimed NICE accreditation.

For more information, please view our quality accreditations.


FDB is proud of the extensive editorial and quality control procedures which it has developed over many years. However, since every patient's history is different, and even the most exhaustive sources of information cannot cover every possible eventuality, you should be aware that all information is provided from International Drug Knowledge on the basis that the healthcare professionals responsible for patient care will retain full and sole responsibility.

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