Policies, Compliance and Accreditations

Quality Accreditation

First Databank (FDB™), has two recognisable accrediations giving our customers and end-user the added reassurance of the high quality data they get from us. We have consistently satisfied the requirements for ISO 9001 for the last 15 years and recently we have been awarded the highly acclaimed NICE accreditation.

NICE Accreditation
NICE has accredited the process used by First Databank to develop content used in Multilex drug knowledge. More information on accreditation can be found at www.nice.org.uk/accreditation. Accreditation evaluates only the processes used to develop content and excludes recommendations displayed by decision support systems in specific clinical settings as these are dependent on technical algorithms which are outside of the scope of NICE accreditation.Accreditation can be used to inform compliance with ISB 0129 – Clinical Safety Risk Management System – Manufacture of Health Software and ISB 0160 – Clinical Safety Risk Management System – Deployment and Use of Health Software, but cannot be used in isolation to release any product for clinical use.

Quality Management System
First Databank operates a comprehensive Quality Management System (QMS) which is accredited to ISO 9001:2008, a widely recognised and globally defined standard, and which is audited independently on a regular basis.

Adherence to our QMS ensures the necessary policies and procedures are in place to enable us to deliver clinical decision support products of a consistently high quality, imperative in a patient-safety driven business.

This Quality Management System is in place to ensure that we:

  • Actively work to improve the quality of healthcare to the benefit of patients and the healthcare professionals who serve them.
  • Build close partnerships with our customers so that we clearly understand their requirements.
  • Deliver high quality products and services so that customer expectations are always met and wherever possible exceeded.
  • Use customer feedback to continually improve our products and services and to bring new products and services to market.
  • Provide an open, supportive, challenging team oriented environment within which employees can achieve job satisfaction and professional and personal growth.
  • Fairly reward all our employees and continually support them with adequate resources and training.
  • Establish objectives which will as a minimum be evaluated as part of the Management Review process.
  • Comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements.
  • Embrace and comply with ISO 9001:2008, a widely recognised and globally defined standard.