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International Drug Knowledge

International Drug Knowledge enables you to build healthcare solutions faster using FDB's clinical decision support modules. It offers a choice of technology across most platforms, operating systems and development tools. This gives you the comprehensive functionality you need to present drug information in ways that uniquely suit your purposes.

International Drug Knowledge includes an extensive array of clinical decision support modules:

  • Counselling messages module™
  • Drug allergy module™
  • Drug drug interaction module™
  • Drug indications module™
  • Dosage range check module™
  • Duplicate therapy module™
  • Patient education module™
  • Side effects module™

Other modules are available and can be found on the accompanying datasheet in the Related Downloads section, above and on the right. Please note that all modules are not available in all countries; for a complete list of modules available in your region, contact your sales representative.

International Drug Knowledge is available in a variety of formats for countries including the United States and Canada the UK and the Middle East region.