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Secondary Care (Hospitals)

The advent of ever more complex drug therapies and the drive to reduce preventable errors and adverse drug reactions make rapid access to drug data an essential component of modern healthcare practice.

For hospitals with clinical systems, First Databank's International Drug Knowledge can be integrated into a range of hospital inpatient and outpatient prescribing, e-discharge, transcribing, pharmacy dispensing and stock control systems as well as a number of specialist systems.

When embedded within a hospital's electronic prescribing or dispensing system, International Drug Knowledge provides active clinical decision support which streamlines the path to the prescribed drug and may generate real-time, patient-specific alerts.

International Drug Knowledge is provided at the point of care, rather than after the decision has taken place or the patient has taken the drug. If further information on a drug is required, such as more more detail on dose or administration, clinicians can consult comprehensive referential information supplied within International Drug Knowledge.

This combination of active clinical decision support and referential information helps support and promote safe and effective prescribing and dispensing activities across the organisation.

Additionally, International Drug Knowledge can help to support the Joint Commission International's Accreditation (JCI) Standards for Hospitals. This is an internationally recognised quality accreditation gained by many leading hospitals across the world.