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Primary Care (Clinics)

With many millions of prescriptions generated each year in primary care clinics, there is a huge potential for medication error.

To support clinicians with their prescribing decisions and reduce the occurrence of medication errors, International Drug Knowledge is fast becoming a core component of many leading clinical systems across the region. It offers a wealth of benefits to clinicians working in primary care:

  • Enhances safer prescribing through a wide range of active clinical decision support alerts including geriatric precautions, indications and min/max dosing
  • Supports cost-effective prescribing by providing information on brands and generic equivalents
  • Acts as a vital electronic referential source when detailed information on a specific medicine is required
  • Assists primary care organisations with the collation and analysis of prescribing data, helping to ensure that regulatory guidelines are met.

To read more about how International Drug Knowledge is being used within primary care clinics and the benefits that it provides to clinicians, please see the download and related documents on the right.